Scottish Widows lady told ‘Get over it’


The attractive lady who has been dressed in black in the Scottish Widows adverts for the past couple of decades has been told to get over her husband’s death and move on.

It has been some time since Edinburgh based Scottish Widows widened their range of financial service beyond the very limited sector of providing for women from Scotland whose husbands had died. Now there is a general feeling that the lady in the adverts should perhaps come out of mourning and begin to enjoy life a little bit more.

Morag McGafferty from Port Ellen in Islay was visited by friends last Saturday evening who said to her ‘Morag, will you nae put on some brighter clothes and come out for a wee drink, girl?’
‘Och no,’ she is reported to have told them. ‘My late husband Hamish would not have wanted me frittering away our savings like that.’

The friends pointed out that she had been a Scottish widow for longer than she was married to him and there must be more to life than wearing a black hooded cape and standing around on the hills looking enigmatic. But attempts to get her to eat a Flake in a field of poppies or invite round the dishy bloke next door for a cup of Gold Blend have all failed. Morag instead pulled up her black hood and spoke wistfully of how her late Hamish would have admired the Flexible Options Bond and PEP transfers now available to cautious investors. Morag’s friends pledged to call on her again in another couple of years, before going off to spend all their money down the pub.

26 November 2006

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