Paris riots over fears of British departure from the EU


‘Our lives will not be worth living if we no longer have access to the exquisite English cuisine, refreshing climate and intellectual supporters of le football’ said one rioter, dressed in a yellow jacket to symbolise the distinctive complexion of inhabitants of their neighbouring humid, CO2 & smog-enriched island.

‘For years these people in Calais have been showing us the way forward, which is northwards and over that stretch of water which les British have persistently failed to drain, in a futile attempt to keep the poor, deprived and huddled masses of a doomed European mainland out of their sceptred isle.’

‘If we are to be kept away from Grande Bretagne, who will we turn to to show us how to build reliable, economical motor-cars, how to fund run a health service – or even how to run a railway?’

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