Brexit Pie


It was just two years ago
I can still remember
How UKIP’s nonsense used to make me smile
But Nige knew if he had the chance
He’d make them all hate Spain and France
And they they’d all turn stupid for a while
Then Boris Johnson made me shiver
The referendum had delivered
Fake news on the doorstep
I couldn’t take much more crap
The Leave campaign went out and lied
With bullshit on a bus’s side
We all went on a two-year ride
The day democracy died

I started singing
Bye bye, the European dream
If we’d known what we were doing
It would make us all scream
And gammon men were drinking tonic and gin
Singing ‘It’s like our childhood over again’
‘It’s like our childhood over again’

Do you really like Michael Gove?
And those with brown skin, do you loathe
If the Mail tells you so?
D’you believe in Britain, like they say?
Do you wish the Scots would go away?
And is your brain perhaps a little slow?
Then Theresa’s plan just came unstuck
And Boris flat ran out of luck
The right-wing zealots said ‘Oh fuck’
The day that Brexit died

We started singing
Bye bye, stupid pie in the sky
Theresa will pay for her insidious lies
Farage will drown his sorrows in whiskey and rye
Singing ‘This’ll be the day UKIP died
This’ll be the day UKIP died’

There was this woman, led the blues
She was looking for some happy news
But the MPs scowled and turned away
We watched the news on Channel 4
As though we’d not heard it all before
Then suddenly they turned on Mrs May
And in the streets the skinheads screamed
The racists cried and the Mail dreamed
Then the vote was spoken
The Brexit dream was broken
And the two men I admire least
The speccy Gove and the big blonde beast
Knew their careers had deceased
The day that Brexit died

We started singing
Bye bye, Mr Jacob-Rees Mogg
You had quite a pan but it turned out a dog
And them quitting boys were eating cold humble pie
Singing ‘This’ll be the day that it dies
This’ll be the day that It dies’

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