MP shoots dog in foot then takes dog to vet


Tosh Ronson, MP, who shot a stray dog has been slated for posing for pictures as he watched the vet perform life-saving surgery on the animals leg.  Mr. Ronson – along with three other Tory MPs who also shot dogs and then subsequently took them to the vet – has been attacked on social media for his callous attitude towards vulnerable animals.

The Scottish Conservative MP for Aberdeen East is pictured cradling the dogs head as the vet removes pellets from a gunshot wound in the animals leg.  In a Tweet he wrote:  ‘Today I visited @VetWellington Road to meet staff members @VetTrust and @ DoggieUK.  I was pleased to be able to bring in a dog that had been shot in the leg to show my support for all animals in distress @Givesafuck.’

Ronson defended his actions, saying that if he had not taken the dog to the vet after he shot it in the leg, the animal would have died – as he would have shot it in the head.  Likewise, Conservative colleagues refused to accept there was a link between shooting a defenceless animal and it needing medical attention.

Jacob Ress-Mogg said ‘it was rather uplifting’ to see a fellow Tory MP take a stricken animal to the vet, regardless of who shot it in the first place.  ‘It wasn’t even his dog,’ said Rees-Mogg.  ‘It just goes to show how caring and compassionate we are in the Conservative party.  Ultimately it’s the dog’s fault for getting shot – something that could have avoided if he had been in gainful employment.  So….good on you Tosh…..and good on your fellow Tories for making this sort of thing possible.’


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