Nigel Farage quits as Nigel Farage


Nigel Farage has quit as Nigel Farage, a position he has held since 1964, claiming that the current Nigel Farage is unrecognisable from the man who famously began his non-racist campaign for the UK to leave the EU nearly two decades ago. Farage, 54, says he is dismayed by the politics displayed by the current Nigel Farage, citing alignment with far-right groups in the European Parliament as an example of how Farage has recently lost his touch with the common man.

‘I have campaigned for much of my adult life for the rights of decent British people to be able walk the streets, safe in the knowledge that those streets are filled, not with foreign-looking or sounding people, but with good, strong British men and women going about their business, in an entirely non-racist way. And to smoke in pubs. To have that proud, non-racist record torn up by alignment with a fascist dictator goes against every principle I hold dear.’

He continued: ‘I have a long-standing record of complaining about things, quitting things and asking other people to quit things. To not quit, at a time like this, is something I simply could not countenance.’ A spokesman denied that the decision was in any way influenced by Farage becoming a ‘Person of Interest’ for the FBI investigation. He also denied the rumour that the next Nigel Farage would be played by a woman.

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