Nightclub doorman admits to having top-knot


Jamie Collins – a 34 year old father of three – told Gateshead Magistrate Court that he usually wears his hair long when at work but on the night in question had forgotten all about it.
At first Collins denied the allegation that he wore his hair up at work but CCTV footage taken in the doorway outside Legends nightclub clearly shows his locks tied off in a knot on top of his head.

Several witness also confirmed seeing the top knot. Hair stylist Sondra Gerety from Ryton, out on a hen night with friends says she clearly remembers seeing the bun: ‘I was taking a piss in the gutter outside Legends….and when I looked up I noticed Mr.Collins had his hair up in a bun…it was disgusting.’

Collins told the magistrate that he deeply regretted the incident and that it would never happen again. The bouncer pointed to a 15 year unblemished record prior to the top-knot oversight asking that his previous good haircuts be taken into account. In fact, since the incident he had shaved and oiled his head and now looked extremely menacing.

‘Jamie looks like a traditional nightclub bouncer now,’ said defence lawyer Tam O’Brian. ‘Bulging neck muscles and thousand yard stare. He’s even had his knuckles tattooed. He really does look as though he would rip your head off if you so much as made eye contact’. Claims that Collins also plucked his eyebrows were thrown out by the judge after hospital records revealed his naked brow was a genuine medical condition and not affectation or grooming choice.

Collins blamed the top-knot oversight on stress, saying he had been dealing with a family emergency. The bouncer told the judge how earlier in the day one of his kids was rushed to hospital following an accident at school and he had been by his bedside until leaving for work. But the judge said although regrettable, Collins could not use the death of his child as an excuse for wearing a top-knot at work.

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