You’re paid less because you’re sh$t at your job


A landmark study has revealed that the wage gap you are experiencing, is simply down to you being worse than your work colleagues. Explained your line-manger: ‘I’m biased, but not against your gender, age or ethnicity. I just dislike the fact that you’re useless.’

Ironically, data suggests an institutional bias towards incompetence – given that you are still holding down a job, that should really be given to someone who can spell. From a productivity perspective your employer does not owe you, you owe them; particularly for the time you put Tipp-Ex in the photocopier.

Instinctively employers are now awarding smaller wage increases to those identified as lazy, feckless or ‘with a beard’. That is not to say that wage gaps do not exist, but the more alarming gap is the one between reality and your perception that you know how to work a spreadsheet.

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