David Dimbleby to Regenerate as Fiona Bruce

Bruce Dimblby2

Fans of Question Time on BBC are looking forward to the highly anticipated regeneration scene this festive period. David Dimbleby announced he was leaving the show earlier this year prompting rumours that “The Chairman” would become a female for the first time in the programme’s history.

‘I am hoping this breathes some life into the format,’ stated Emma Jones, a devout Timevian from Cardiff. ‘It has become ever so predictable since this Brexit storyline started a few years back. The writers keep trying to add drama by having people shout “the will of the people, get on with it” but it is becoming dull now, they badly need a new catchphrase. Also, the latest villain, Mrs May, is so unrealistic, why would so many people support someone so incompetent? It just wouldn’t happen in real life!’

Some fans are worried about what has happened to The Chairman’s partners. Dan Smith from Chichester is concerned a regular has been written out. ‘They introduced this Farage character a while back who appeared in quite a lot of episodes. Apparently he was integral to the Brexit storyline and some even say he was the origin of that storyline. I find it surprising he has been written out before we have a conclusion to it, though a mate from work reckons he is about to be brought back, I can’t wait to see what mischievous nonsense he gets up to next.’

The introduction of a female Chairman has not been without controversy, some fans have questioned the need for such a change in direction. Chris Johnson from Canterbury commented: ‘The Chairman has always been a man, it’s political correctness gone mad. Next they will be doing stories about Rosa Parks and how Britain caused the partition of India, crazy!’


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