Trump’s hair ‘punching well below its weight’ claim US trichologists

Trup's Hair 2

President Donald Trump’s hair is punching well below its weight and needs to seriously think about moving to the head of a much worthier celebrity, according to a new study undertaken by the American Society of Trichology.

Their Press Officer Cody Schlibbits said: ‘The hair is world famous but for it to be throwing itself away by just sitting atop the head of a guy like Trump is crazy. Does it have no self respect or ambition at all? We have now written to it suggesting it seriously considers moving to someone like Johnny Depp, Michael Bublé or Prince William to make a statement that says – Look at me! I really am world-class!’

But New York barber, Luigi Cafolla, who has cut Trump’s hair for over four decades disagrees. ‘Hey, what can I tell yah? For Mr Trump’s hair to leave him after all this time would be suicide for them both. They just kinda fit one another. Sure, we laugh when we see them together. Same as when we see him alongside Melania. Everyone knows it’s wrong and it don’t fool nobody… but it just puts a smile on our faces. Know what I’m sayin’?’


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