Tory Brexit shows “taking back control” will make Britain champions in Europe


Since the Brexit referendum two-and-a-half years ago, the Conservative team’s tactics have been a premiership demonstration of how Britain will be a world-class winning nation when it takes back control from those third-division thugs in Europe and then gives it all to our top players in Westminster.

One British Brexiteer right behind our goal chanted: “I’ve got no idea what those euro-twats in Brussels think they’re playing at, but Theresa and our brave boys are running rings round them. Our ball control is the dog’s bollocks, if you’ll excuse the mixed metaphor”.

However, the Prime Minister has said that, despite extra time, Brexit may go to penalties now that her control of our half of the pitch has been lost to some very enthusiastic British fans who have a much greater understanding of the modern game, and have brought along beer bottles, smoke bombs, and banana skins to prove it.

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