‘Dave and George’ fraudsters trick UK out of £1.5 trillion


Some £1.5 trillion has been lost over the course of 2015 in a nationwide scam that ‘encourages’ people to pay money into a fraudster’s account, according to Financial Fraud Study (FFS). The victim’s employer receives a demand to take a percentage of wages out of the victim’s pay packet and send it to a ‘safe account’ which is then drained by the fraudsters. They chase up those who do not pay, threatening them with fines and extra interest payments.

The fraudsters appear to be led by criminals called ‘Dave’ and ‘George’, sometimes accompanied by a terrifying moll called ‘Theresa’. ‘They do a classic bad-cop-even-worse cop act,’ said an FFS spokesman. ‘Dave acts like he’s your mate and is looking out for your best interests even while he takes your money, whereas George is pure evil and stares at you as if he can see price tags on each of your organs.’

Once they have found a gullible victim who is prepared to work a lifetime to fund their extravagant lifestyle, the fraudsters really go to town, adding on spurious other requirements such as ‘insurance’ payments for a further percentage of salaries. Some even suggest that as much as 20% of all the UK’s Gross Domestic Product ends up in the hands of these two scam kingpins.

Explanations about the reason for the payments vary from subtle threats such as ‘It’ll help you pay your hospital fees’ and ‘It’ll be used to teach your children a lesson’. However, in a display of quite incredible callousness that has unmasked the true nature of the protection racket they are running, ‘Dave’ and ‘George’ have also openly gone for claims like ‘This is so we can protect you from the bad guys’.

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