‘Stupid’ distances itself from Theresa May


As controversy surrounds on whether or not Jeremy Corbyn factually identified the Prime Minister as a ‘stupid woman’; the 16th century adjective has asked not be associated with Mrs. May. If anything, ‘stupid’ does not really do justice to the brain behind the Windrush scandal, Brexit negotiations and allowing Boris Johnson to play with the grown-ups.

A spokeswoman for ‘stupid’ explained: ‘While my client is happy to be affiliated with various degrees of gullibility and f$ckwittery; quite frankly it’s embarrassing to be linked to someone who asks David Cameron for advice’.

One mouth-reader argued: ‘It’s unclear whether the Leader of the Opposition said ‘woman’ or ‘people’; however I consulted a mind-reader colleague and he said Mr. Corbyn definitely thought ‘You brainless, half-baked, dopey, simple-minded, puerile, imbecilic motherf$cker’.’

The Speaker of the House is still decide if he should chastise Mr. Corbyn for being rude or simply unoriginal. Naturally Tory MPs have thrown their support behind Mrs May, declaring ‘I’m with stupid’.

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