Bet now! Christmas Day is ‘in-play’

Christmas Day, in-play

Bookmakers are revolutionising Christmas event betting this year, by adding more personal choices to the popular Christmas Day betting market. Customers are now able to gamble throughout the festive period without interrupting quality family time by switching on Sky Sports and ESPN.

Andrew Owens from Ladbrokes said; ‘We’re scrapping the usual ‘white Christmas’ offers and replacing them with more personal festive bets, like; ‘will you be able to watch a film on TV without having a piece of Lego thrown at your face’– (13/2), or ‘will you run out of chairs and be forced to sit on the military green camping stool you’ve had in the attic for six-years’ (1/25)’.

He added; ‘I’m getting in on the action, too. If one of my kids spends over two-hours in A&E on Christmas Day, I’ll win enough for a new iPad. I might not bother using the child safety gate on the stairs this year’.

Mike Williams from Runcorn, who has a £12 stake on a Christmas Day treble, that predicts he will ‘run out of AAA batteries by 10am; upset his wife with the gift he bought her; and have a conversation with an aunt he thought died when he was a child, (104/1), said: ‘I feel like I’ve got more control over my bets this year, it’s great. I’m not saying that I bought the wife hoover bags just to help my bet along….well, I might have, but there’s twelve notes riding on this. I’ll buy her a blender with the winnings or something; she won’t be complaining then’.

Bet365, who claim to be leading the way in festive gambling with their ‘Christmas in-play’ betting app, said; ‘our app will run continuously in your pocket, picking up on key words and elevations in tone, enabling a virtual Ray Winstone to make accurate real-time bet offers, like ‘the wife’s Christmas turkey to be horribly overdone, just like last year, now 1/6 – bet in-play, now’.

He added; ‘probably best to stick Ray on mute for that bit’.

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