Shutting Gatwick hasn’t made drones any more annoying than they were already


Drones and their tiresome owners were so irritating before they caused the shutdown of Gatwick Airport that even the inconveniencing of 100,000 passengers has made no difference to their unpopularity, according to a poll of people stuck in the South Terminal.

‘We hated them long before they ruined our plans for Christmas in New York with our daughter and grandchildren,’ explained one couple. ‘That horrible whining noise and the intrusion of privacy you feel when an airborne camera points at you are bad enough, but the smugness of the sad owners who like to tell everyone they’re a pilot is just unbearable.’

The low flying of drones to disrupt peaceful countryside strolls and romantic seaside picnics has been attractive to sociopathic hobbyists ever since the remote-controlled airborne nuisances were first invented. But the level of anger towards them soon reached a peak as their menace became more widespread and it would appear that now there is nothing that can be done to make them more aggravating to the general public than a drone and its owner.

Having said that, it is reported that cretinous Transport Minister Chris Grayling could be getting one for Christmas.

Hat-tip to Crayon

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