Air Accident Branch report on Airbus tail number BRE X1T crash


The long awaited report on the crash of a Pro British Airways Airbus has been released today. ‘The cockpit voice recorder tells a story,’ said the lead investigator. He detailed how the aircraft had been flying through extended turbulence and some of the passengers had made strong representations to the Captain about how he had handled the flight. ‘He explained that he couldn’t fly around the turbulence and he had to rely on the aircraft’s programmed flight models when flying through it,’ the investigator explained. ‘It works for all aircraft in the fleet and is an internationally agreed way of working.’

The recorder reveals that the pilot suggested the passengers should vote on the way the plane was being handled, with over half who voted agreeing that the programmed methods were wrong for them. ‘Apparently, when they boarded the aircraft two hours earlier nobody said the flight would be automated, so they insisted someone else took over flying duties. The pilot agreed that they could, reluctantly, but as what they were suggesting was a recipe for disaster he decided to bail out over the Atlantic,’ said the investigator. ‘Unfortunately, he survived.’

‘It was, apparently, all about taking back control, but it seems nobody knew what that actually meant, however they disengaged auto-pilot anyway and voted in one of the passengers who’d been quite vocal about sticking with the programmed flight model to deal with the flying duties. To be fair, she thrashed around in the cockpit for ages, set the aircraft in a dive steeper than the fall in Sterling, agreed to have a vote on the process just before they reached an unrecoverable height but then postponed the vote to try to persuade the ground engineers to change the programming. Gravity, and the Atlantic Ocean, won.

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