Government sponsors new Brexit board game

brexit board game

A spokesman for Waddingtons has confirmed that the government has contacted the board game manufacturer to produce a board game on the ever popular Brexit process. ‘We’ve avoided all our usual due diligence processes such as carrying out studies into whether such a game is likely to be popular,’ said the spokesman, ‘and just started production straight away. It’s quite scary as the board hasn’t been designed, nor has anyone worked out what the rules are yet,’ he added.

The game is expected to be quite difficult, merging concepts from established games such as Diplomacy where game players have to negotiate in-between rounds. ‘And someone has to play the feckin’ DUP card every third circuit,’ said the spokesman, picking up the leprechaun hat playing piece.

‘To start you have to throw a triple six – considered quite hard as only two dice will be provided and all players have to have both hands tied behind their back – ‘borrowed from a game the missus introduced me to last week,’ said the spokesman, blushing. ‘And unlike the British version of the game, it is essential that there are no winners’.

Waddingtons are hopeful that the game will prove more successful than previous government sponsored games such as ‘Join the Euro’, ‘Bail Out the Banks’, and the evergreen ‘Climb Aboard the Gravy Train’ games, but are unconcerned on taking a loss. ‘Apparently the government is offering up to £350 Million a week in production subsidies, or so I read on the side of a bus last night,’ said the spokesman.

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