Princess Jasmine held at border control say Disney


A spokesman for Disney Studios has confirmed that one of their leading cartoon characters has been detained by security guards at Orlando International Airport

Princes Jasmine – one of the main characters in the Aladdin feature film series – is thought to have been visiting family in the Middle East,  but was later picked up by Border Control Officers when trying to re-enter the US. The Princess was handcuffed, patted down by security staff and interrogated about her religious beliefs before being led away to a holding bay.

Stern faced officers defended their action saying they were’ just following orders’ and had not targeted the Princess because she was a high profile make-believe Muslim.

Princess Jasmine, who is the daughter of the Sultan of Agrabah but has dual ME/US nationality, has lived and worked in the US since 1992. Jasmine made her screen debut in the Disney feature film ‘Aladdin’ in which she played an independent and strong willed young Arabian girl.

Time Magazine once described the Princess as one of the most most beautiful cartoon characters ever to grace the silver screen and it is rumoured that US President Donald Trump once tried to bed the 16 year old Disney Princess, a rumour Trump now strenuously denies.

The Princess was asked by Border Control Officers about her relationship with Aladdin – a known thief who was captured on CCTV stealing an apple – and was quizzed as to why she kept a pet tiger at home. Officers also confiscated what appeared to be a small rug which they believed could be used to transport humans.

Friends of the Princess say she was travelling on a JS2 visa and that all her paperwork was up to date and in order. The Princess had returned to the US to begin screen tests for the new Aladdin movie but the film is now in doubt.
Disney say they may have to look for a replacement. Tom Cruise is already being talked up as a possible replacement for the diminutive Princess.
‘Anybody who saw Tom in the recent Jack Reacher film knows he would be just perfect as a feisty 16 year old girl cartoon character in stacked sandals….he was cut out to play the role.

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