‘What have you done to the TV?’ ask partners

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Partners and offspring across the UK have ‘done something to the TV’, other-halves and parents have suggested.

Previously compliant televisions sets that could offer 10-hour boxed-set binges or News at Ten with the touch of a single button are now ‘broken’ and ‘asking me stupid questions’ following the addition of various gadgets over Christmas, the latest reports suggest.

‘What in sweet Hell is an AV1?’ asks exasperated streamer Karen Smith. ‘This was working fine before David connected his Sony Switchstation. He has broken the magic view to the Netflix world and refuses to tell me the new button codes’ she continues, jabbing at a remote which has a Tippexed – ‘Press this one’ on it with a large arrow.

‘My TV has had a virus since Nathan plugged in his games’ asserts father 57, Chris Jenkins. ‘Now the damn thing just wants an ‘Input’. I’ll be inputting my foot in it, in a minute – I can you’ he grumbles. ‘Bring back VHS, I could work that, well, mostly..until VideoPlus, that was a b*stard’

‘You just select the input you want!’ retorts son, Nathan, ‘like when you go in the fridge and pick the food you want, or the pants drawer – I don’t understand the problem!’ he sighs turning to us.

‘The annoying thing is that your TV can actually have a virus these days, but Dad doesn’t know that so he’s wrong, but could have been right but for the wrong reasons. Do you want to explain that to him? Because while you’re at it you can have a look at why his ‘Yahoos’ aren’t working.’

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