Repeated radio signals from distant galaxy warns against Brexit


Scientists have discovered a repeating radio signal originating 1.5 billion light years away has a code that they have broken. ‘It says “Don’t do it – stay in Europe” time and time again,’ said one scientist today. He speculated that a similar planet on the other side of the universe went through the same process when the Earth was still being roamed by microbes and realised that the Brexit referendum, even back then, was inevitable.

‘I guess in hindsight it was predictable to us that once Cameron attempted to show how tough a negotiator he was that Brexit was inevitable, but if we really follow the trail back in time we can see it can be traced to Maastricht, to JFK’s assassination, to Hitler escaping the bunker, Queen Victoria losing her virginity down a back alley in Windsor, and so on, so for an advanced civilisation it was probably clear back in the primordial slime that we’d make the same mistake they made,’ he said, confirming that an advanced communication suggested that the planet sending the message were still arguing about the backstop even now.

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