Bowie dies in Cameron protest

David Bowie

Inspired by ‘The Squeeze’ mocking the Prime Minister on the ‘Andrew Marr Show’, the 70’s pop legend has decided to stage the ‘ultimate snub’ by exiting this mortal coil while others simply contemplate a ‘Brexit’. Always embracing the avant-garde, David Bowie has never been one to do things by halves, with critics hailing his re-imagined self as his most complete yet – although ‘a tad creepy’.

Some have suggested that Mr. Bowie may have plagiarised the death of Lemmy, but of course as most music fans know, the ‘Motorhead’ frontman’s demise was a protest over the Corbyn shadow-cabinet re-shuffle. Although no one is sure if he was for or against it. Meanwhile the internet has been flooded with requests for ‘One Direction’ to make a similar gesture.

Other musical stars are now hoping to enter the political arena with forms of protest; with threats from Justin Bieber to grow-up, Miley Cyrus to cover-up and ‘Hanson’ threatening to reform. Mr. Bowie’s agent said: ‘David’s commitment to art and tax avoidance is unwavering – even in death. Fans need to accept the fact that this isn’t a stunt and not to be mistaken for career suicide – or ‘Tin Machine’ as I call it’.

David Cameron is yet respond to the musical criticism but is usually more open to interpretative dance or aggressive water-colours. His spokesman said: ‘Mr. Cameron has always preferred Floyd to Bowie. And if you want a hidden message, try playing ‘The Dark Side of the Moon’ backwards at 45rpms – just like big society – it sounds like b@llsh#t.’

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