Brexit time capsule discovered buried underneath Cameron’s shed


Workmen employed to move David Cameron’s shed two feet to the left have discovered a time capsule buried under the left-hand rear wheel. ‘We thought it might be important,’ said the site foreman, ‘so we opened the capsule. It contained a handful of empty promises, a half arsed negotiation paper and what looks like a lock of Boris Johnson’s pubic hair.’

Time capsules are meant to reflect the aspirations of society at the time and are expected to stay buried for hundreds of years or until a trade agreement is negotiated. When they are opened a little early it is usual to add a few pertinent items and rebury them for a future find. ‘I stuck my P45 in there, Bill found a vial of bile and nestled it in with the pubic hairs and Geoff dropped a turd in. It wasn’t a political message, the Camerons didn’t let us have access to the loo and he was busting.’

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