Blocking Brexit won’t cause far right surge as Brexit nothing to do with racism


Chris Grayling has conceded that remaining in the EU won’t trigger a far right resurgence after all.

‘Now I think about it, the Leave vote was nothing to do with a wave of a xenophobia we whipped up, leapt on and rode shamelessly to victory. People voted for Brexit due to real concerns; sovereignty, democracy, and the deep mistrust fresh in people’s minds in the bitter aftermath of the unaccountable European Commission’s 1999 Seed Laws which ripped through the country a mere two decades ago, leaving in their wake devastation from which we’ve never properly recovered and societal scars that have never actually healed.’

Grayling went on to say that Brexit means more integration with the rest of the world, rather than Europe, meaning a greater mix of ethnicities in the UK: ‘This is all anathema to the Far Right, so they definitely didn’t support Brexit and so won’t be angry if it’s cancelled. In fact they’d have voted to stay in the EU, so there’s sure to be a Far Right surge if we leave. Glad I’ve cleared that up.’

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