Nigel Farage to remain MEP after Brexit


In a surprise announcement, Nigel Farage, two or three time leader of UKIP has announced that he intends to remain a Member of the European Parliament after Brexit, despite having been the main campaigner for the UK to leave the EU and all its MEPs be made redundant.

‘Look,’ Farage said outside his children’s home in Germany. ‘Everybody has the right to earn a living however they can. I’ve been a MEP for 20 years and it is only right that I should be allowed to ply my trade after Brexit.’

Farage is understood to be standing for election in the German constituency.

‘My children are German,’ he whined. ‘Why should I not be allowed to represent them in the European Parliament and continue to draw my salary and expenses? In the past I’ve been well paid to occasionally drop into the European Parliament, I can see many advantages for Germany if I continue to do that. And by Germany, I mean me.’

When asked whether he felt it was hypocritical of him to seek re-election to the Parliament after having been the foremost proponent of Brexit, he simply shrugged his shoulders and told reporters to get off his land.

In a later statement he said: ‘I have never been against the EU. I was just against British membership of the EU. I am in favour of German membership. And another thing. After the pound crashes after Brexit, my salary in Euros will be worth much more in the UK than it was before. I’m simply looking after my family.’

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