L’Oréal ad campaign tells women – ‘Don’t be like Myra Hindley’


Following Gillette’s recent ad campaign referencing ‘toxic masculinity’, which was deemed a success because even those who disliked it were talking about the brand more, L’Oréal decided to ditch its traditional slogan ‘Because you’re worth it’ for something more provocative.

Others whose behaviour the ad advises women not to imitate include Salome, Lucretia Borgia, Catherine the Great, Elizabeth Bathory and Beverley Allitt, though its not clear how wearing a particular brand of cosmetics will help them achieve this.

Meanwhile Pedigree Chum have released a new TV ad showing a pit bull tearing apart a toddler’s face, accompanied by the slogan “No! Bad dog!”

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Posted: Jan 18th, 2019 by

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