Manager asking worker to ‘hold that thought’ has no intention of revisiting it


Peter Davies, Senior Product Manager at a professional services firm, admitted that he used the earnest sounding, but ultimately empty, gesture as a means of neatly sideline a suggestion by Mitch, an enthusiastic new starter to the company, because it might involve some effort or thinking on his part, and definitely wasn’t related to the powerpoint presentation he was giving about quarterly sales targets.

‘Mitch is a nice guy and all that’, explained Peter ‘but his idea to rethink the way that we measured sales performance showed incredible naivity, in that it assumed I actually gave a damn about his or anyone else’s views’.

‘I’ve asked my PA to explore the feasibility of scheduling some focus groups to potentially stress-test your excellent ideas’, explained Peter after a follow up email from Mitch 2 weeks afterwards. ‘Location? to be confirmed once the issue stops moving in the long grass I’ve just kicked it into’.

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