Blue Monday Sees Harmonica Sales Rocket


Harmonica Salesman Buddy Christie said January is traditionally a good month for the industry, with a peak in sales on Blue Monday, but this year sales have been off the charts, aided by Brexit in particular.

‘It’s no coincidence that the main colour of the Flag of Europe is blue,’ says Buddy. ‘We wrote our own song in the office, called “Mournful wind instrument supply chain blues”, all about how we might struggle get enough harmonicas from Germany after Brexit.’

Asked to account for the popularity of the harmonica he said: ‘Well I woke up this mornin’… and I was just kinda thinkin’… what a great wheezy-sounding instrument to collect your own spittle in the harmonica is, while at the same time expressing despair about the state of the world. You don’t get that same gravitas with maracas or a kazoo.’

Meanwhile ‘Boom Boom, out go the Brits’ by one up-and-coming bluesman who’s always harping on, Blind Lemon Johnson, is expected to take the charts by storm later this year.

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