Further elections will undermine 2017 result claim Tory Brexiters


The Conservative Government has banned future General Elections, claiming they’d be a betrayal of the last one.

‘What I’m hearing from people I’ve never bothered speaking to all over the country,’ said Theresa May, ‘is that people just want us to get on with fulfilling the result of the last election: us being in government. If we fail, it would destroy the public’s faith in politicians. There’s just no appetite for another election…ever.’

Conservative voter, Angela, supports the decision. “I don’t believe the consistently unanimous results across all the polls, as polls have been wrong before. Anyway, the idea that the public have ‘changed their minds’ 5 years down the line after an unexpected lurch toward autocracy is insulting; it’s like saying people didn’t know what we were voting for’.

Writing for the Telegraph, Tory grandee Iain Duncan Smith accused those asking for a general election of using ‘weasel words’. By calling it a ‘general’ election they’re trying to say that the 2017 election wasn’t ‘general’, that voters were not members of the general public and are actually sub-human slime, a clear attempt to delegitimise the public’s democratically chosen Forever-Government.

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