Football hooligans rather enjoyed the One Show

The One Show

Football hooligans throughout the country have admitted they enjoyed watching the One Show after tuning in for the FA Cup 5th round draw hoping for Millwall away.

‘Gutted we never got Millwall at the Den as I would have cracked their skulls,’ stated Steve “Hammers” Johnson of the Chelsea Headhunters. ‘Looking forward to the feature on funny garden gnomes tomorrow though, and Matt Baker is an absolute hoot!’

Makers of Green Street 7: Return of the Yank have admitted they filmed a scene showing Elijah Wood watching the show, claiming,’It was a nice twist on the traditional cup draw scene, instead of fighting in the pub, they are arguing the about which dog had the cutest outfit.’

Millwall fans also tuned in to watch the draw but were confused by one of their own shaking hands and being jolly with opposing fans. ‘I saw the Millwall lad and thought ‘Yes, he’s going to do them all!’ growled Millwall fan Chris “Knives” Hunter. ‘When the Wimbledon fan walked up to him he didn’t spark him out but hugged him, I didn’t know what to think, just like their feature on telepathic goats.’


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