New Google only searches for sites that match your preconceived opinions

now so much easier to find exactly what you want to see

Internet giant Google has teamed up with the Daily Mail to develop a unique version of the online search engine which will confirm the enquirer’s prejudices.

Google-ThoughtAsMuch will effectively censor alternative views and second opinions. ‘Designed for the busy opinionate who hasn’t got time to think about things, Google-ThoughtAsMuch will make sure that your preconceptions are never challenged,’ runs the press release.

Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, added, ‘ With a single mouse click you can confirm your preconceived opinions are shared by hundreds of other websites’. One of the beta testers, Sarah Palin, had a chance to use the programme yesterday to test her suspicion that Obama was a Muslim terrorist. She found her opinion to be perfectly corroborated by dozens of high-traffic websites.

Through deployment of algorithms, Google works out the source of your fears, and matches them to the appropriate comforting version of events. The blogosphere and online forums will be heuristically searched for credible sources of anonymous postings.

Google-ThoughtAsMuch will also include an ‘I blame the…’ drop-down menu of nations, ethnic types, political parties and celebrities. For example, a user can select ‘I blame the United States for 9/11′, and instantly numerous credible-looking websites will appear substantiating your assertion.

However some critics have suggested the new service is an insidious spy programme designed by Google to accumulate personal details on potential customers and political dissidents which could be sold on to sinister groups like the CIA, Mossad and Although this accusation initially seemed a little outlandish, it was immediately confirmed by checking dozens of obscure websites and blogs across the internet.

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Dumbnews, Zadok and Oxbridge

18th May, 2010

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