‘Max Spielmann Stories’ feature set to transform photo-sharing


Photo developer Max Spielmann is set to launch a ‘Stories’ feature in its shops, in an attempt to compete with Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook and gain inroads into the under-targeted grans and embarrassing dads market, it was announced today.

‘The idea here is for people to print off photos about interesting things they’ve done, perhaps a holiday they’ve been on, a family event, or an artsy image of their bran flakes’, explained Mike McDaid head of product development. ‘We hope people will share these photos with their close friends, but also random people who they don’t know at all. These people might then say that they like or love the picture, and we want people to count up how many of these ‘likes’ they get, for no particular reason than personal validation.’

Max Spielmann is also launching some physical accessories to help people curate these stories effectively: ‘albums’ (available in a range of colours and sizes), ‘mounts’ with a wacky adhesive on them, and ‘frames’, which are traditionally metal, wood or plastic with a glass ‘filter’ on them to make the photo look better.

In a direct attempt to compete with Instagram and Snapchat Stories, anyone obtaining their regular 6 x 4 prints in store will now have the option to have a member of staff rip them all up in front of their face 24 hours later. However, all friends, casual acquaintances and people with slightly voyeuristic tendencies will be invited into store to take a snap of the photos on their smartphone before they disappear completely.

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