Royal Family’s move back to Saxony “may be something to do with Brexit”


It has emerged that the Queen and her family of so-called ‘Windsors’ are having their bags packed for up-state Germany to avoid being caught in the cross-fire of Britain’s upcoming civil war.

When Prince Charles was spotted in Fortnum & Mason doing a last-minute shop for a few non-organic essentials, he explained that the royal ‘We’ is awfully sick and tired of her subjects being so bloody vexed about their European identity.

Apparently, ‘We’ would much rather reside where the common folk have an easy-going nature and a warm sense of humour, and where they are not inclined to hold a grudge for over seventy years – somewhere like Dresden.
While royalists are disappointed to see them go, many republicans are happily accusing the monarchy of behaving like Brexiteers leaving a sinking Britain – much like the hot-air manufacturer Sir James Dyson – and they say the Saxe-Coburg-Gothas can just go ahead and get schlossed.

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