All of your friends currently writing unfunny comments on Rate My Plate


The Facebook page Rate My Plate, where users “roast” poor attempts at home cooking, went viral this week. All of your friends are now “roasting” others on the page in an attempt to gain fictional Internet points.

“I have to scroll through hundreds of my mates unfunny comments first until I get to the funny ones,” Karen from Basingstoke complained. “I don’t know what they think they will gain, do they think they will become social media influencers overnight by pumping out turgid comments?”

Others knew exactly which of their friends would jump on the bandwagon, such as Dave from Glasgow. “Graeme always posts edgy memes so I wasn’t surprised to see him make humourless comments on every single Rate My Plate post. Nobody likes your memes, nobody likes your comments and I’m not sure anyone likes you Graeme.”

Social media experts claim the popularity of the page won’t last long. “Expect to see a rise in unhumourous comments around 2PM and 7PM on Friday as people drunk after being out with work colleagues reckon they are at peak funny. Come Monday it will all be forgotten about and your Facebook feed will be back to gurning babies and people pretending to enjoy nights out though they would rather be back in their house!”


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