Bluetooth to replace online dating


The number of romantic pairings created by Bluetooth will exceed online dating for the first time this year, according to new figures from the British Dental Association.

‘Most Bluetooth implants are for in-mouth connections to smartphones so the wearer can listen to music through the jawbone to the ear, without the need for massive headphones people can snigger at on commuter routes,’ said the BDA’s Jenny Midhurst. ‘Now though, couples are pairing directly using their blueteeth. Would be couples have eye contact for up to five seconds, their teeth vibrate or chime, and the rest is up to them.’

‘Blueteeth usually replace a rear molar, so they’re unobtrusive,’ explained Jenny Midhurst ‘After pairing, a tiny blue light will illuminate and wearers can open their mouths just a little bit to show their would-be-beloved they’re discoverable and ready for pairing. It really is romantic in a 21st century way.’

However, the system has had blueteething problems. One user is now suing her dentist after she accidentally paired with a Huawei smartphone which insisted on marriage after they first made contact. She explained ‘I tried to select ‘Forget this network’ only to discover it wanted to play Unforgettable by Nat king Cole on repeat.’

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