Anti-racist party promises to protect those of a ‘funny tinge’

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The new Independent Group PLC, has set out its anti-racist credentials in the boldest terms, by pointing out that some people look ‘a bit odd’. A spokeswoman said: ‘Too long has racism existed on the extreme left and right of politics; whereas it really belongs in the centre’.

Angela Smith (MP of no-fixed abode) told the BBC, that the Labour party did not respect tinge like she did. Sadly detractors have suggested that Mrs Smith intended to say ‘tint’, but they have wilfully ignored her long record of supporting the civil rights of those adversely tinged.

People who are slighting off-colour welcomed her support and her acknowledgement that they are fundamentally funny looking. Said one voter: ‘I always knew I wasn’t right and thanks to Angela I can start to accept it’.

A spokeswoman clarified: ‘We’re not saying that all of them are funnily tinged – just, you know, the non-white ones. Look its not racist – some of my best friends are off-white’. Meanwhile a spokesman for UKIP said: ‘Even I cringed’.

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