Man who accidentally said ‘bye mum’ to his female boss, moves to Djibouti

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Twenty four-year-old, Andrew Pearce from Wakefield, is starting a new life in Djibouti after accidentally saying ‘bye mum’ to his female boss, when leaving the office for the day.

Andrew said, “it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me. Worse than when I was 15 and my dad walked in me having sex with an apple pie. Or was that in a film?”

He continued, “I’m obviously sad to leave my friends and family, but I realised it was the end when they were unable to look at me without dry heaving. Ironically, my last words were, ‘bye mum,’ but unfortunately my mum had just kneeled down to tie her shoelace, so I actual said it to my sister. I can’t win.”

When his former boss was asked if she still harboured any ill-will towards Andrew, she said, “who?”

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