Chuka Umunna denies being ‘by-election curious’

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ismissing rumors that he was a closest democrat, the ex-Labour MP has been quick to explain that he was in favour of giving consensual voters the choice – except when it comes to himself. However, he did admit that at University he had experimented with liking elections and participating in democracy, but ‘never’ at the same time.

As a cheerleader for a Brexit ‘People’s Vote’, most of his constituents have found it odd that Mr. Umunna will not ask for their second opinion. His spokesman explained: ‘Mr. Umunna is clear that the people were lied to, there were dubious financial backers involved and that public opinion has now changed – and this is also true of Brexit’.

Mr. Umunna has become founding member of The Independence Group, a secret Panamanian trust-fund – designed to champion open and transparent government. Asked if he had ever thought of dabbling with by-elections, he said that it was not a lifestyle choice he would condone and that he did not swing both ways – except when it comes to policy.

He further explained that his and Angela Smith’s decision to leave Labour was ‘tinged’ with regret; but that by-elections were a sin. Said the spokesman: ‘All elections are equally important. Just that some elections are more equal than others.’

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