Man suffers jet lag after 1 hour flight

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A 25-year-old man has opened up about his ‘jet lag hell’ after enduring a 60-minute domestic UK flight from Southampton to Manchester.

Sebastian Cobb had flown down from Manchester to attend a stag do in Hampshire where he drank heavily for three days with pals before reportedly experiencing jet lag symptoms on the return flight home. He explained: “The weekend was great up to the point when we boarded the plane and the cabin crew refused to serve us alcohol. Understandably, things soon became quite dull after that.

“I started feeling queasy the moment we were on the runway and by the time we were airborne I was as sick as a dog. It was during the ascent that I realised I had caught the famous ‘jet lag’.

“Tiredness, a funny tummy, mood swings – all the symptoms were there! What made things more distressing was the fact that my ears kept popping and the groom was forced to put on a creepy goblin costume as a ‘punishment’. I soon passed out and woke up at Manchester Airport with a massive headache and marker pen all over my face.

“Thinking about it, I had the same symptoms in the car last month after a big weekend in Bristol. Can you also get jet lag from a VW Polo? I’ll Google it later…”

Friend Harry said: “We didn’t pass through any time zones so I don’t understand what he’s banging on about. All he did was throw up over himself and fall asleep on the old lady next to him. It was the perfect end to a great weekend.”


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