EU leaders brand Theresa May a stalker

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A number of EU leaders have now made official reports to the Police complaining of being stalked by a British woman called Theresa May.
Jean-Claude Juncker is said to be extremely upset and shaken after Mrs May constantly turned up at his house shouting through the window, “We can talk Jean-Claude, we can talk, I only want to talk.”
A close family member of Mr Juncker said today that Mr Juncker insists that he has done nothing to encourage her behaviour, he has told her time after time, he’s not interested and that there is no future together for them, that there is no point her flying to see him, but she just won’t accept it.
“Night after night she has turned up in my garden, shouting, calling, pleading, ‘look Jean – Claude, I’m wearing the Leather trousers you like!’





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