Derek Hatton to join the Scouts

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A spokesman for the former deputy leader of Liverpool Council has confirmed that Derek Hatton has applied to join the 16th Wavertree Scout Troop.

Hatton, who it’s believed, was asked to leave the Scouts in 1964 after allegations that he was a secret member of the military wing of the Boys’ Brigade, has finally been allowed to rejoin provisionally, pending approval by Akela and Skip.

Hatton, himself, has kept tight lipped about the whole thing but former colleagues and friends are excited about his decision and have been reminiscing about his past experiences.

“There was this one time during bob-a-job week,” one former pack mate reminisced, “where Derek got into a spot of bother about rate-capping the jobs we did. Our scout master said we should get as much money as we could but Derek insisted that a shilling was more than enough for the ordinary man in the street and that any more would be blatant Tory capitalism, taking the bread out of the workers’ mouths.”

On leaving the Scouts, Hatton denied that there had been a shortfall in weekly subs and claimed that the Tory government had stolen the money. Hatton still claims this to be true, despite the fact that Labour, under Harold Wilson, was in power in 1964.

A spokesman for the Scouting Association of Great Britain told out reporter, “We would never allow a 71 year old man join the Scouts. It’s ridiculous.”

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