Man reconciled to fact that however big a TV he gets, it will seem normal after three weeks

CES January 7, 2008: Toshihiro Sakamoto, President of Panasonic AVC Networks and Senior Managing Director of Matsushita Electric Industrial Company pictured next to the world's largest Plasma display, a 150-inch one of a kind television that replaces Panasonic's 103-inch Plasma as the largest flat panel display in the world. Like its predecessor, the 150-inch will be commercially available. (Feature Photo Service)

Chelmsford resident Charles Jordan has resigned himself to the fact that whatever sized television he buys, it won’t seem that big after a few weeks. ‘I can remember my first 26″ telly – it seemed enormous and filled up half the room. Then when the first 40 incher came out, I got one and it made the old one look tiny.’

‘For Christmas, I bought a 55″ monster but I was in Curry’s the other day and they had a 70 inch that makes my telly look titchy. I’ve placed my order. Yes, I did see the staff high-fiving each other and laughing as I left the shop. I can’t wait till the 100-plus incher ones come out.’

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