Barristers to conclude cross-examination with a mic drop


In a bid to modernise some of its more arcane traditions, the barristers’ governing body, the Law Society, is introducing new working methods, starting with introducing the ‘mic drop’ to conclude cross-examination of a witness in court to replace the condescendingly smug comment ‘No further questions, your honour’,’ a spokesperson said.

During the consultation period, the Law Society received many alternative suggestions, including, ‘Boom, with or without an exploding hand motion to accompany it,’ ‘Moon walk in front of the witness box and/or jury’ and ‘Bowing gun-shaped fingers before replacing them in imaginary holsters’. However, it rejected these as all too ostentatious.

‘We don’t want to humiliate stupid people and then demonstrate our superior brain to them – well all right, we do, but we want to do it in a more 21st century way. We went with the mic drop because it was dramatic yet understated and still retains that arrogant douche-bag effect. Plus Obama made it cool as f**k, right? We also introduced dress-down Fridays, like other modern workplaces, but weirdly we found that the barristers and judges just wore the same clothes anyway.’

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