Gordon Ramsay’s to be awarded first Domestos star


British Chef Gordon Ramsay, a long time supporter of Brexit, has hit back at critics who believe that food standards will fall if the UK adopt US style standards.

Having appeared on numerous US cooking shows, Ramsay says that chlorinated chicken is perfectly fine to eat and he has included it in his latest recipe, Chicken Marinated in Bleach with a Dettol Dip.

Praising the hormone-engorged beef widely available across the USA but banned in the EU, Ramsay told the carefully invited audience to the ceremony presenting him with his first Domestos Star, that the money to be made by Farmers, Food Producers and Restaurateurs massively outweighs the dangers to consumers.

The award was handed over by a smiling Jacob Rees-Mogg who also hopes to make a killing with increased US/UK trade deals.

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