Grayling in second sensational space deal with Seaborne


Embattled Transport Secretary Chris Grayilng is once again in hot water after what analysts are calling a second extraordinary and totally unbelievable deal with Seaborne was announced, awarding research funding for transporting British astronauts to Mars in order to set up a colony there.

Wearing his now customary ‘I’ve just been slapped around the head with a dead mackerel expression’ he defended the move. ‘If Elon Musk can do it, so can we,’ he insisted, his glacial manic stare peering directly down the massed ranks of media camera lenses.

When it was pointed out that in addition to not having any ships, similarly Seaborne have no spacecraft or launch facilities and their website is still referring to food deliveries, Grayling said: ‘Well there you are then. Nobody is currently delivering pizzas to the International Space Station. This is a truly innovative decision and one that shows once more Britain is setting the agenda.’

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