Man who hogged middle-lane given jail term


An alleged driver, later identified as 48-year-old Colin Meeks from Solihull, was sentenced to three years in prison for hogging the middle-lane of the M6 for nearly 5 miles.

The shocking incident was reported to police by fellow road users, all of whom had attempted to signal the offending driver with a range of driving manoeuvres – classic tail-gate to start – followed by repeated flashing of the beams and immediate under-taking – finished by screaming expletives while rudely gesticulating when parallel to him.

Meeks claimed to be unaware of the commotion because he was emotionally swept up by the ‘transcendent’ power of Kenny G playing on his car stereo – an offence that was immediately added to his charge sheet.

In sentencing, the Judge took into account of a raft previous offences, including, parking with one wheel just over the white line to render the adjacent space unusable – indicating to go straight on at a roundabout – not indicating to go left or right at a roundabout and remaining in fourth gear irrespective of speed.

When asked if he had anything to say before sentence, Meeks simply offered everyone in the courtroom a Murray Mint.

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