People who are actually ill preventing the elderly from seeing doctors


A report today has warned that pensioners wanting to see their GPs for no particular reason are often prevented from doing so by people with genuine medical problems.

“I wanted to tell Dr Singh the pills he gave me on Wednesday aren’t helping,” said Jean Craig from Hartlepool. “Though to be honest I can’t remember if they are, or whether I took them or not. Or what’s wrong with me. No, hang on, is today Wednesday?”

“But they said I couldn’t see him because he was dealing with someone with meningitis, whatever that is. Sounds foreign to me. Would never’ve happened in my day. Sorry, what was I saying?”

Jean was therefore pleased to hear the surgery is trialing a new system whereby every pensioner on their books is automatically given three appointments a week, even though this means younger people who actually have some need to see a doctor will probably have to wait months, quite possibly dying in the meantime. At least, she was pleased for a few minutes until she forgot about the news and started complaining again.

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