Woman breaks and finally joins Amazon Prime


Tired of pop-ups asking you for your first-born child’s bank details? Frustrated by checkouts leading you to additional products; such as headphones for your dog or glow-in-the-dark ice cube trays? Well, spare a thought for June Benta (36), who has given in to the unrelenting pressure of being asked to sign up for Amazon Prime the umpteenth time.

We have all encountered the not-so-subtle huge button to sign-up, next to the minuscule hyper-link that allows you to opt out of selling your soul. For June, the final straw was purchasing a budget DVD, when she felt strong-armed into subscribing to next-day delivery, a month’s supply of shoe-umbrellas and a free back-rub from Jeff Bezos.

Said June: ‘I cracked. The on-screen prompts, felt so alluring. Imagine, I could get my goldfish walker or calorie-free, bottled water delivered straight to my door – ever so slightly quicker. Free Trial it said. Free. So why do I feel trapped?’

Explained an executive: ‘Our marketing technique is to keep asking until the customer gives in. Basically we’ve followed the boyfriend/sex-pest model. Nobody actually wants Amazon Prime, but we keep asking – and as the saying goes, the 1000th time is the charm’.

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