BBC accidentally shows Good Morning Britain pilot instead of new Alan Partridge show


It’s emerged today that due to a mix up at the BBC, an unbroadcast pilot of Good Morning Britain, featuring the first ever meeting of hosts Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid, was accidentally transmitted in place of the new Alan Partridge vehicle, This Time With Alan Partridge.

However BBC executives, expecting to be ridiculed for their incompetence, were astonished to find the show being lauded as a brilliant return to form for Partridge. In particular on Twitter, where encouraged by The Daily Mail, praise was heaped upon ‘Ah-Halan’ for a new-found empathy in siding with the xenophobic and uneducated zombie-like drones who buy the so-called newspaper.

‘Alan at his cringeworthy best!’ said one reviewer, adding that you could almost picture him donning a sports jacket, going home alone to the Linton Travel Tavern and making sure no one had looked in his drawer.

If there was one note of criticism, it was to the wardrobe department for Alan’s hair and clothes.

‘I understand they have to make him look older, at least five stone heavier than before and of course just as uncool as ever, but there are limits. And why on earth did he continually boast on no less than seventy-three occasions during the first twenty minutes of the show, seemingly for no reason whatsoever, that he is a personal friend of Donald Trump? It was simply too toe-curling and egocentrically smug… even for Partridge.’

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