No nooky for Rees-Mogg during Lent


In an exclusive interview with the Catholic Herald, Jacob Ree-Mogg confirmed that in line with 8th century Christian teaching, he and his wife, Helena Anne Beatrix Wentworth Fitzwilliam De Chair Rees-Mogg would be refraining from marital relations during the Lenten season.

Rees-Mogg, England’s leading Catholic and a devout moneymaker explained that he felt that it was important to keep tradition alive and although his wife could become aroused when she hears him speaking about about the withdrawal agreement and the backstop, he thought she secretly looked forward to Lent.

Asked if he found the 40 days abstinence difficult, he replied, Not at all, one has one’s hair shirt, one’s self flagellation and whilst my wife retires to her chambers, I am perfectly content in the West Wing beating a servant or practicing my next speech for the Traditional Britain Group.

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