Trans woman furious she’s still being paid as much as before


Melanie (formerly Michael) Hargreaves has filed a lawsuit against her employer on the grounds that, by paying her as much as they used to, they’re not properly recognising her new gender identity.

‘At first, I was surprised by how enlightened the company was,’ she told reporters.  ‘They were very supportive of my decision, told me to use whichever toilet I felt comfortable with, gave me time off for the surgery, and so on.’

‘When I came back, I was pleased to see my name had been changed on the website and all company paperwork.  But then I saw my payslip.  Exactly the same as I was earning before.’

‘Moreover, in three months no one has groped me, made an inappropriate comment, told me something I already know or asked when I’m going to hook myself a rich man so I can give up work.  It’s as if I’m not really a woman in their eyes.’

The company issued a statement saying:  ‘Blimey, what’s she moaning about now? Must be the time of the month’ – to which Melanie greeted as a step in the right direction.

Meanwhile, a think tank looking into the question of how the money men earn can be transferred to women have concluded that such a mechanism already exists, and is called divorce.

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