Amber Rudd apologises for not using correct term ‘person of darkness’


Home Secretary Amber Rudd has apologised for a radio interview where she carelessly referred to Diane Abbott MP as a ‘coloured’, rather than using the approved term of ‘Someone I hope to deport’.

‘It’s just so hard to keep up,’ the exasperated politician told reporters. ‘Things that were completely normal and acceptable when I was growing up, like lynchings, burning crosses and wearing bedsheets with eyeholes cut into them, have now been outlawed by the PC-gone-mad brigade.’

On being told you can’t really say ‘person of darkness’ either, she retorted: ‘Alright, alright, I understand.  I’ll be more careful.  I’m sorry, Diane Abbot is  clearly a Darkie.  What? Why are you looking at me? What’s the matter?’

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